AdvaNCing the Change Nomination

Women AdvaNCe would like to highlight the work of an outstanding group of women through our Advancing the Change Award presented at this November’s NC Women Summit. In the spirit of supporting a community that both enables and empowers NC women, we’re looking to honor a group of 5 or more women progressing social change and improving the lives of women and their families in North Carolina.

We’re asking our allies in change to help us identify a group of women in your community who’ve gone above and beyond in their call to service. Nominate a group whose brave calls to action have positively impacted the lives of others through education, empowerment, collective organizing, or community improvement. We welcome nominations for all women groups* working in and outside of those areas of service.

The ideal nominee will possess the following qualities:

  • Worked together on an issue of their choice for at least 1-2 years

  • Demonstrated success in working in the community through collective partnerships

  • Amplified social issues impacting women in the public dialogue and community

  • Mobilized action for advancing women’s rights in their area


Once selected, the awarded group will be invited to attend our NC Women’s Summit in 2019, (location TBD).

*We define group broadly and do not limit nominations to only formally recognized institutions. Nominations for church groups, neighborhood alliances, and co-ed affinity groups are welcome.

Know someone who deserves to win the AdvaNCing the Change Award at the 2019 NC Women’s Summit? Fill out the form below to nominate them.