In Her Own Words



When we come together as women, we become more than the sum of our parts. We become a force to be reckoned with, and a force that create real change in North Carolina. Laura Edwards, Board Chair Women AdvaNCe.

The board and Staff of Women AdvaNCe invites to join us, as we launch, In Her Own Words, A Listening and Learning tour. Women in North Carolina deserve the opportunity to discuss the issues impacting them and their families, they deserve the space to share how they are creating change in their communities, and they deserve the resources to increase their individual capacity. Women Advance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization designed to connect, inform and engage the women of North Carolina on issues that matter to them. In order to do our work well we need to hear from and be with those very women.

Join us, as we embark on this landmark journey to build to community with women all across the state.