What Nature Has Taught Me

by Kassaundra Shanette Lockhart   Women do a lot. We rear children. We support and encourage our husbands. We provide shoulders to lean on. We...[Read More]

Getting Healthy: It Takes a Village

Written By: Ms. ShLanda Burton, Owner of Balanced By Burton Licensed/ Degreed Nutritionist , Diabetes Peer Educator, & Weight loss Expert “5  Things to Help...[Read More]

Autism Made Me a Strong Feminist

Most people meet NaVia and when they find out she’s a child with Autism they are confused. She is a child who is verbal, emotional,...[Read More]

Wounds Get in the Way

The dance we do around race is tantamount to doing the Tango. Those of us who desire to be respectful of people of all backgrounds...[Read More]

How to Walk the Walk

By Tara Romano, NC Women’s United At this past month’s Women’s Advocacy Day (WAD), approximately 200 women (and some men) from across the state came...[Read More]