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Wounds Get in the Way

The dance we do around race is tantamount to doing the Tango. Those of us who desire to be respectful of people of all backgrounds...[Read More]

How to Walk the Walk

By Tara Romano, NC Women’s United At this past month’s Women’s Advocacy Day (WAD), approximately 200 women (and some men) from across the state came...[Read More]

How I am Breaking Barriers

My mother used to always tell us, “If you ever got lost or separated, find a police officer and ask for help.”   It has...[Read More]

My Real Life “Shower Scene”

By Rain Brennan Tiller It’s the classic horror movie trope: a girl in the shower, an ominous feeling, a hidden evil that suddenly reveals itself....[Read More]

My “New Mommy” Battle

By Cassie Murphy It’s hard to imagine life before my bright eyed 5 pound 7 ounce baby boy who came into this world october of...[Read More]

A Day Without a Woman

I read about the strike not long after my girls and I returned home from the Washington March. I was high on energy and motivated...[Read More]