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Vision Boards: Make It Happen

By Glynis Bell “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”– Helen Keller Create a vision and make it happen!...[Read More]

Lessons from Adele’s Grammy Speech

Still talking about Beyoncé, Adele and the Grammy Awards? Adele bested Beyoncé in the three major categories — Song, Record, and Album of the Year...[Read More]

Stop Staring and Let Love Be

Growing up my Grandmother made sure my Barbie was a beautiful shade of caramel brown, like me. Her “boyfriend” happened to be my crush from...[Read More]

Are We Being Gaslighted?

    The term started cropping up during the presidential election cycle: gaslighting.   Melissa Jeltson mentions the “power of gaslighting” in her article claiming...[Read More]