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The New North Carolina Activism

By Melissa Geil The phones at Senator Tillis’s offices did not even pick up the day that the Betsy DeVos vote took place. The reason...[Read More]

Are We Being Gaslighted?

    The term started cropping up during the presidential election cycle: gaslighting.   Melissa Jeltson mentions the “power of gaslighting” in her article claiming...[Read More]

Be All In

“Be all in.” Janet Mountain recently spoke to a group of businesswomen and men at the Kenan-Flager Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill, offering advice to...[Read More]

Birth Control and the Next Four Years

“Get an IUD while you still can.” Countless tweets, articles, and social media outlets have been warning women to take control of their reproductive health...[Read More]

Coping with Election Day Anxiety

More than half of Americans are reporting high levels of anxiety and stress related to the 2016 election season, according to a survey done by...[Read More]

Don’t Call Trump Crazy

Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail this week, after days of discussions about her health and how she and her staff handled her...[Read More]

Bill Clinton: First Gentleman

  Gentleman’s couture is having a moment this summer, and not because of something amazing happening on the runway. The clothes did not make the...[Read More]