NC Taxpayers Spend $300K on Lies and Misinformation


>>pregnant_billboard_dno1967b_0Crisis pregnancy centers are notorious for lying to women. They mislead women about the >>health effects of abortions and contraceptives. They lie to women about how far along they are in their pregnancies. They try to trick women into not having abortions >>by telling them they will likely miscarry. They present themselves as comprehensive women’s health providers but are actually crusaders against abortion and premarital sex.

A congressional report on these centers found, the misinformation doled out at these centers >>“denies teenagers and women vital health information, prevents them from making an informed decision, and is not an accepted public health practice.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina did >>an extensive investigation of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in the state and found the following:

  • 92% of the CPCs studied (61 of 66) had no medical professional on staff.
  • Only 24% disclosed that they are not medical facilities.
  • 35% provide ultrasounds on site, but only 12% offer tests for sexually transmitted infections.
  • 26% falsely said that abortion leads to breast cancer.
  • 48% falsely told women seeking family planning services that none of the common methods of birth control are effective at preventing pregnancy.
  • 24% suggested the high possibility of miscarriage as a reason to avoid an abortion.

This is what NC women face when they seek reproductive services. They type “abortion” or “birth control” into Google and think they’ve found a health clinic. Instead they walk unknowingly into a prejudiced environment, free from medical knowledge and full of misinformation and rhetoric.

Even worse, these crisis pregnancy centers are funded by the state government. North Carolina allocates $300,000 towards non-licensed medical facilities that do little to help women who are facing real health problems.

Lies, lectures, and hand-knit baby booties do little to help a teen in crisis who needs an STI test, birth control, or help with her pregnancy options. But state lawmakers continue to waste money on these practices.

As the budget session begins this week, lawmakers have the ability to reverse this trend and send money to real women’s health clinics. The question is, will they? It’s doubtful, considering the backwards trend in politics. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Call your representative today and talk to them about crisis pregnancy centers and why you don’t support them.

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